Knife Sharpening

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Knife Sharpening

Knife Sharpening  | Knife Gallery - Orange, CA

Even knives made with the best steel will dull with use and age. The life and performance of a knife can rely heavily on maintenance and upkeep including sharpening, which is arguably one of the most important ways you can ensure your knife stays sharp and functioning for years to come.

Besides being easier to use, a sharp knife is, believe it or not, safer. When cutlery dulls, it can often require extreme force to cut and object and increases the risk of injury with the knife. This makes knife sharpening all the more important.

To determine whether your knife is in need of sharpening services, besides examining for dullness, you can inspect the edge of the knife. If it appears to be breaking off or folding over, it’s safe to assume that your knife is in need of sharpening services.

There is no knife we won’t sharpen. Our services include sharpening all types of knives including kitchen, hunting, utility and serrated. We are also proud to offer services for sharpening your household scissors, professional hair-cutting shears, high-end sewing sheers.

For your high performance shears, such as hair-cutting tools, we sharpen by hand utilizing only the finest sharpening and polishing materials.

We are happy to complete the knife sharpening service in one day, so you can rest assured that you’ll have your items back the day after you leave it with use. For customers with more expedient needs we are happy to provide same day services.